Commercial Air conditioning in London

At Sonic Frost Ltd, we are a reputable team of air conditioning experts based in London, taking on all air conditioning projects throughout London and its surrounding areas. We have been working as an established team for a number of years, making us not only highly experienced in all areas of the trade, but this has also allowed us to develop an unrivalled reputation for our honest, hard-working work ethic. Therefore, whatever your air conditioning requirements may be, our team at Sonic Frost Ltd can assist you.

We understand that air conditioning can be deemed as essential when it comes to certain commercial businesses, along with conditioning systems being a practical feature during the warmer, summer months. With this, at Sonic Frost Ltd, we cover all bases with our air conditioning services to ensure all customers in demand can be tended to, no matter how big or small their air conditioning requirements may be.

Commercial Air conditioning in London

At Sonic Frost Ltd, we are highly skilled and experienced in working with a comprehensive range of air conditioning models/systems, which ensures our services are suitable to all customers throughout the area. Additionally, our experts have a wealth of knowledge surrounding air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance work, making our services one of a kind, in many ways.

To ensure all expectations are met with our air conditioning results, we begin each service with an in-depth planning process whereby we ensure the entire service is planned and prepared prior to starting the work. This process involves a consultation to discuss the work at hand, alongside selecting systems/products and more, relative to the air conditioning service we will be conducting. Therefore, when undergoing your air conditioning work with our team, you can put your confidence in us that the entire service will be carried out with minimal stress, disruption and hassle, from start to finish.

Safety is important to us at Sonic Frost Ltd. Our experts are kept up to date on current regulations, along with ensuring all work completed by us meets all health and safety standards. This means that the environment is always maintained in a hazard-free position for the duration of our air conditioning services, and the results always adhere to all regulations once the installation, repair or maintenance work is complete.

For any additional information regarding our air conditioning services at Sonic Frost Ltd, give us a call today on 02089026393, where one of our experts will assist you further with your requirements.

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